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We have photographs of about 650 of the 800 known tokens and need photos of these:

Ages 29 B25, D10, D100, C100, 

Alva 75 E100a, E100c, B1c, F5

Banner Fork 151 A1, A25, A100, C5

Brookside 385 A100b, B25a

Cawood 511 B5b

Chevrolet 541 B5

Coalgood 609 H5, H10, G25, G50, E5b, E5c

Coxton 681 B50, B100, G10b, A100

Crummies 705 B50c

Cuffey 711 A10, A50, A100

Elcomb 889 A10

Evarts 975 M100, K10, K100, L1, L50, L100, B50, B100, G5, G10b

Gaston 1101 A25, A50, B10

Harlan 1231 E5, E10, E50, E100, G25, G100, L25a, L25b, M5

High Splint 1323 A10c

Kellioka 1487 A100

Kentenia 1497 B5

Kenvir 1499 C25, E25 

Kildav 1511 B5c, B100, D100

Kitts 1535 D5, D10, D25, D50, D100

Le Junior 1605 E25, A10a, 

Lena Rue 1607 B10

Liggett 1635 B5, B10a, B10b, B25a

Lisle 1649 A10a, A25a, A25b, A25c, A50, A100

Louellen 1683 B50, B100a, B500, I50

Lowe 1689 A10

Malcolmson 1755 F5

Mary Alice 1805 A100b 

Molus 1939 E10, E25b, C25, D25, D100

Nolansburg 2081 A10, A50

Path Fork 2185 B10, B100

Putney 2317 A10b, A10c

Ridgeway 2403 E25

Stanfill 2651 D1b, D5b, E1 

Twila 2853 B10a, B10b, B100

Verda 2893 J1, J5, J25, A5b, I50

Wallins 2929 D5, D25, D50, E1, G100, G500, J5, L5, L25, M1

White Star 3011 A25 

Wilkes 3034 A5

I need photographs of any and all paper scrip, coupon books, or

punch cards from any Harlan County mine.–Charlie



Thanks for submitting!

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