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A dated token


Stanfill is misspelled


We have photos of these tokens:


Ages 29

Ages Supply Co. B50

East Harlan Coal Co. C10, A25, A50, A100

Alva 75 

Black Star Coal Co. A5, A5b, A10, A25, A50, A100, B1a, B1b, B5

Black Star Coal Corp. B1c, B10, C1, D1 

Wallins Creek Black Star Mine (We do not have this token)

Banner Fork 151

Fordson Coal Co. Banner Fork Stores A10, A50  

Fordson Coal Co. Inc. B1a, B1b, B1c, B5a, B5b, B10a, B10b, B25, B100, B100, B500, E1, F1, G5 (This token is listed in Edkins Vol. II as 2097 I5 and is not listed in Vol. I where it would be 151 G5)

Bardo 155

Bardo Coal Mining Co. A100, C1, C5, C10, C25, C50

Bowling Coal Mining Co. A5, A10, A25, A50, B5, B10 B25, B50, B100

Benito 219

Benito Supply Co. A5, A10, A25, A50, A100

Black Joe 287 

Harlan-Fox A5, A10

Bland 301 

R. C. Tway Coal Co. A5, A10, A25, A50, B100, C100

Brookside 385 

Harlan Collieries Co. A10a, A10b, A10c, A25b, A100c, B5b, B10, B25a, B25b, B50, B100a, B100b

Cawood 511 

Crummies Creek Coal Co. A5, A10, A25, A50, A100

Ellis Knob Coal Co. B5a, B10a, B10b, B100a, B100b

Chevrolet 541

Blue Diamond Coal Co. C5, C10, C100a, C100b, D10, E100

Crown Coal Co. A5, A10, A25, A50, A100

Harlan Superior Coal Co. (We need all)

Closplint 587

Clover Splint Coal Co. A1, A5b, A10a, A10b, A25, A50, A100, A500

Coalgood 609 

Mary Helen Coal Corp. A5a, A5b, A10, A25a, A25b, A50b, A100a, A100b, A100c, A2000, B5, F5, F10a, F10b, F100

Pure D. Coal Co. E5a, E10, E25, E50

Cote 673 

River Ridge Collieries Inc. A5, A10, A25, A50, A100, B1

Coxton 681 

Chestnut Ridge Supply Co. B1, B5, B10, B25

Koppers Stores, Inc. C5, C10, C25, C50, D5, D5a, D5b, E5a, D100, E1, E5b, E10, E25, E50, E100, E500, F1, F25, G1, G5, G10a, G25, G50, G100, H1, J1, M1a, N1, I1a, I1b, I1c, I1d, O1, P1

Lick Branch Coal Co. A5

Crummies 705 

Crummies Creek Coal Co. A5, A10, A25, A50, A100, B5, B10a, B10b, B25a, B25b, B50a, B50b, B100a, B100b, C1a, C1b, D1, E50

Cuffey 711

Standard Harlan Coal Co. (We need all)

Draper 839 

East Harlan Coal Co. A5, A10, A25, A50, A100

Draper Mercantile Co. B5, B10, B50, B100

Elcomb 889 

The McComb Coal Co. A5, A25, A50, A100 

Evarts 975 

Darby Coal Co. A5

Evarts Coal Co. (We need all)

Harcrow Mines Inc. I5, I10, I25, I50, I100

Harlan Co-operative Coal Co. C5, C25, C50, C100

Harlan-Kellioka Coal Co. D5, D10, D25, D100

Harlan Liberty Coal Co. (We need all)

Harlar (sic) Liberty Coal Co. B5, B25, B10--unlisted

Rye Hollow Coal Co. N5

Springton Coal Co. F5, F25, F50, F100

Superior Harlan Coal Co. E1, E5a, E5b, E10, E25 E50, E100

Sugar Camp Coal Co. G10a, G25, G50, G100

Turner Fuel Co. J5, J10, J25, J50, J100

Yocum Creek Coal Co. H5a, H5b, H25, H50

Gaston 1101

Harlan Gas Coal Co. A10

Harlan Town Coal Co. (We need all)

Grays Knob 1169 

Wilson-Berger Coal Co. A5, A10, A25, A 50, A100, B5, B10, B25, C5, C10, C25, C50, C100

Harlan 1231 

Catrons Creek Coal Co. E25

Clover Fork Coal Co. K5, K10, K25, K50

Elcomb Coal Co. I1, I5, I10, I25, I50, I100, J100

Harlan Home Coal Co. F25, F50, F100

Howard & Ingram Gen. Mdse. G5, G10, G50 

S.C. Saylor Coal Co. B5, B10, B25, B50, B100

Shawnee Gas Coal Co. A5, A10, A25, L5, L10, L50, L100 

Wallins Creek Collieries Co., Comet Mine M25, M100 

High Splint 1323 

High Splint Coal A10a, A10b, A25a, A25b, A50, A100 B1, B10a, B10c, B25, B50a, B100, C1, C5a, C5c, D500

Seagraves Coal Co. E5, E10, E25, E50, E100

Insull 1405 

Southern Mining Co. A5a, A5b, A10, A25a, A25b A50, A100b

B1, B10 C5a, C10, F1, E1

Kellioka 1487

The Kellioka Coal Co. A5, A10, A50, B5, B10, B25, B50, B100

Kentenia 1497 

Banner Fork Coal Co. A5

Kentucky King Coal Co. B25

Kenvir 1499 

The Black Mountain Corp. A1, A5, A10, A25, A50, A100, B1, B5, B10, B25, B100, C5a, C5b, C5c C10, C100, D5a, D5b, D10

Kildav 1511 

King-Harlan Coal Co.  A5, A10, A25, A50, A100, B5, B5a, B5b, B5c, B5d, B5e, B10a, B10b, B10c, B25, B50, C5 

Kitts 1535 

Clover Fork Coal Co. B1, B5, B10, B25, B50, C100a, C100b

Golden Ash Coal Co. A5, A10, A25, A50, A100

Rex Coal Co. (We have none)

Le Junior 1605

Benito Mining Co. E1, E5, E10, E50a, E50b, E100a, E100b

Berger Coal Mining Co. A10b, A25, A100, A100b, F5, F10, F25, F50, F100, G5a, G5b, G10, G25, G50, G100

Bowling Mine Co. B100

Cook & Sharp Coal Co. D10, D25, D50, D100, H5, H10, H25, H50a, H50b, H100, I1

Dixie Darby Coal Co. K25, K50, K100

Home Supply Co. C5, C10, J1, J5a, J10, J25a, J25b, J50, J100 

Lena Rue 1607  

Lenarue Coal Co. A5, A10

Lick Branch 1627

Three Point Coal Co. A5, A10

Liggett 1635 

Perkins Harlan Coal Co. A1a, A1b, A5a, A10, A25, A50, A100, B25b, B100, C25

Lisbon 1648

Cornet-Lewis Coal Co (We have none)

Lisle 1649 

Kentucky King Coal Co. A5a, A5b, A10c, B1

Louellen 1683 

Cornet-Lewis Coal Co. A5, A10, A25, A50,B100b, (U) B500b, C5, C10, C50, D1  

E5, E10, E25, E50, E100, E500, F100, G5, G10, G50

Lowe 1689

Creech Coal Co. (We need all)

Malcolmson 1755 

Green Silvers Coal Corp. E1

Harlan Gas Coal Co. A5, B5, C5, C10, C25, C50C100, D10

Mary Alice 1805 

Mary Alice Supply Co. A5, A10a, A10b, A25, A25b, A50, A100a, A100c

Molus 1939 

Molus Coal Co. B5, B10

Molus Supply Co. A5, A10, A25, A50, A100

Morris Saylor C10, C50

Sanborn Supply Co. E5, E25a, E50

John P. Saylor, Gen. Mdse. D5, D50

Nolansburg 2081

Harlan Splint Coal Co. A1, A5, A25

The Kellioka Coal Co. B25, B100

Path Fork 2185 

Blue Diamond Coal Co. A1, A5, A10, A25, A50, A100, C5 

Willis Harlan Coal Co. B5

Pee Vee 2197 

C.E. Flanary Store B5, B10, B25, B50, B100

Loony Creek Coal Co. A5, D5

Putney 2317 

Inter-Mountain Coal & Lbr. Co. A5a, A5b, A10a, A25, A50, A100, B5, B10

Ridgeway 2403 

Harlan Coal & Coke Co. D1, D5, D10, D25, E50

Harlan-Ridgeway Mining Co. A5, A10, A25, A50, A100, B100, C100, C100b, C100c, D1b, D5a, D5b, D50, E1, E5, E10

Harlan-Ridgeway Minning Co. (sic) B10

Ridgeway Coal Corp. C5a, C5b, C10a, C10b, C10c, C25, C50a, C50b 

Rue 2479

Southern-Harlan Coal Co. A5a, A5b, A10a, A10b, A25 A50, B1, B5, B25, A100

Stanfill 2651 

Mahan-Ellison Coal Corp. A5, A10, A25, A50, A100, B5a, B5b, B10a, B10b, B25, B50, B100, C5, C10, C25, C50, C100a, C100b, C100c, D1a, D5a

Three Point 2789 

Three Point Coal Corp. A1, B5, B10, B25, B50, B100

Totz 2817

Harlan Central Coal Co. A5, A10, A25, A100 

Harlan Ashless Coal Co. B5, B10, B25, B50a, B50c, B100

Harlan-Cumberland Coal Mining Co. C1, C5, C10, C25, C50, C100

Twila 2853

Creech Coal Co. Incorporated A5a, A5b, A10, A25, A50a, A100

Creech Coal Co. Inc. B5, B25, C10, A50b

Verda 2893

Wm. D. Boyer, Trustee & Co. B50, B100, C25, C50, C100

Harlan-Wallins Coal Corp. A5a, A10, A25, A50a 

F5, F10, F25a, F25b, F50, G5

Sunshine Grocery Company I5, I10, I25

Verda Supply Co. D5, D10, D25, D100, E5, E10, E25, E100 H5, H10, H25, H50 

Wallins 2929 

The Good Coal Co. B500, C5, C10, C25, C50, C100, D10, D100, F1, I1

Utilities Coal Corp. (We need all)

Wallins Creek Coal Corp. A5, J10, K25, K50, K100

The Wallins Creek Collieries Co. M1

White Star 3011

White Star Coal Co. A5, A10, A50

Wilkes 3034 (We need all)

Yancey 3109 

Harlan Fuel Co. A1, A5a, A5b, A10, A25, A50, A100a, C5, C10, C25

Yancey Stores D5, E10, E100

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The Bowling Mining Co. store at Bardo

Photo courtesy of Ehren Bowling

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