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More than 150 coal company stores operated in Harlan County
These stores used metal scrip

Ages 29, Ages Supply Company; East Harlan Coal Co.

Alva 75, Black Star Coal Co.

Banner Fork 151, Fordson Coal Co; Banner Fork Stores

Bardo 155, Bardo Coal Mining Co.; Bowling Coal Mining Co.

Benito 219, Benito Supply Co.

Black Joe 287, Harlan-Fox Coal Co.

Bland 301, R.C., Tway Co.

Brookside 385, Harlan Collieries Co.

Cawood 511, Crummies Creek Coal Co.;  Ellis Knob Coal Co.

Chevrolet 541, Blue Diamond Coal Co.; Crown Coal Co.; Harlan Superior Coal Co.

Closplint 587, Clover Splint Coal Co.

Coalgood 609, Mary Helen Coal Corp.; Pure D. Coal Co.

Cote 673, River Ridge Collieries

Coxton 681, Chestnut Ridge Supply Co.; Koppers Stores, Inc.; Lick Branch Coal Co.

Crummies 705, Crummies Creek Coal Co.

Cuffey 711, Standard Harlan Coal Co.

Draper 839, Draper Mercantile Co.; East Harlan Coal Co.

Elcomb 889, The McComb Coal Co.

Evarts 975, Black Mountain Coal Corp.; Darby Coal Co.; Evarts Coal Co.; Harcrow Mines;   Harlan Co-operative Coal Co.; Harlan-Kellioka Coal Co.; Harlan Liberty Coal Co.; Rye Hollow Coal Co.;  Springton Coal Co.; Superior Harlan Coal Co.; Sugar Camp Mining Co.; Turner Fuel Co.; Yocum Creek Coal Co.

Gaston 1101, Harlan Gas Coal Co.; Harlan Town Coal Co.

Grays Knob 1169, The Wilson-Berger Coal Co.

Harlan 1231, Catrons Creek Coal Co; Clover Fork Coal Co.; Elcomb Coal Co., Harlan Home Coal Co.;  Howard & Ingram Gen. Mdse.;  S.C. Saylor Coal Co.; Shawnee Gas Coal Co.;  Wallins Creek Comet Mine Collieries

High Splint 1323, High Splint Coal Co.; Seagraves Coal Co.

Insull 1405, Southern Mining Co.

Kellioka 1487, Kellioka Coal Co.

Kentenia 1497, Banner Fork Coal Co.; Kentucky King Coal Co.

Kenvir 1499, Black Mountain Corp.

Kildav 1511, King-Harlan Co.

Kitts 1535, Clover Fork Coal Co.; Golden Ash Coal Co.; Rex Coal Co.

Le Junior 1605, Benito Mining Co.; Berger Coal Mining Co.; Bowling Coal Mining Co.; Cook & Sharp Coal Co; Dixie Darby Coal Co.; Home Supply Co. 

Lena Rue 1607, Lenarue Coal Co.

Lick Branch 1627, Three Point Coal Co. 

Liggett 1635, Perkins Harlan Coal Co.

Lisbon 1648, Cornett-Lewis Coal Co.

Lisle 1649, Kentucky King Coal Co.

Louellen 1683, Cornett-Lewis Coal Co.

Lowe1689, Creech Coal Co.

Malcomson 1755, Green Silvers Coal Corp.; Harlan Gas Coal Co.

Mary Alice 1805, Mary Alice Supply Co.

Molus, Molus Coal Co., Sanborn Supply Co.; Morris/Saylor; Harlan-Wallins Coal Corp.

Nolansburg 2081, Harlan Splint Coal Co.; Kellioka Coal Co.

Path Fork 2185, Blue Diamond Coal Co.; Willis Harlan Coal Co.

Pee Vee 2197, C.E. Flannery Store; Loony Creek Coal Co.

Putney 2317, Inter-Mountain Coal and Lumber Co.

Ridgeway 2403, Harlan Coal and Coke Co.; Harlan Ridgeway Mining Co.; Ridgeway Coal Corp.

Rue 2479, Southern-Harlan Coal Co.

Stanfill 2651, Mahan-Ellison Coal Corp.

Three Point 2789, Three Point Coal Corp.

Totz 2817, Harlan Ashless Coal Co.; Harlan Central Coal Co.; Harlan-Cumberland Coal Mining Co.

Twila 2853, Creech Coal Co.

Verda 2893, W.D.B.T. and Company, Bear Branch Mine; William D. Boyer and Co.; Harlan-Wallins Coal Corp; Sunshine Grocery Company; Verda Supply Co.

Wallins 2929, The Good Coal Co.; Utilities Coal Corp.; Wallins Creek Coal Co.; Wallins Creek Collieries Co. 

White Star 3011, White Star Coal Co.

Wilkes 3034, Harlan Block Coal Co.

Yancey 3109, Harlan Fuel Co.; Yancey Store

Source: Edkins Catalogue of U. S. Coal Co. Store Scrip, Volume I, Fourth Edition, Edited by Garrett Salyers and Mike Williams.

The following stores are not known to have used metal scrip.
Those marked * are known to have used paper scrip.
The rest probably used bookkeeping entries to keep the scrip accounts.
Many other coal companies that did not have company stores operated in Harlan County, and most were small, with few employees.

Ages, Ages Ridge Coal Co.; Harlan Collieries; High Point Coal Co.

Benham, Wisconsin Steel Co.; *International Harvester; Looney Creek Coal Co.

Black Joe, J. B. Blue Gen Coal Co.

Cargo, Hoyt Mining Co.

Closplint, Clover Darby Coal Co.

Coxton, Elkhorn Piney Coal Mining Co.

Evarts, Bailey's Creek Coal Co.; Harlan Clover Coal Co.; Peabody Coal Co.; River Ridge Collieries, Inc.; Verda Supply Co.

Harlan, Harlan Gas Coal Co.; Kitts Creek Coal Co.; Splint Coal Co.; Williams By-products Coal Co.

High Splint, Harlan Coal & Coke Co.

Kenvir, Peabody Coal Co.

Lejunior, Pennsylvania, Virginia, & Kentucky Coal Co. (PVK); Miller & Sharp Coal Co.; Model Coal Co.; Upper Harlan Coal Co.

Lenarue, Central Harlan Coal Co.

Liggett, Perkins Harlan Coal Co.; Mahon-Ellison Coal Corp.

Lowe, Creech Coal Co.

Lynch, U. S. Coal & Coke; *U. S. Steel Corp.

Molus, Molus Coal Co., Sanborn Supply Co.; Morris/Saylor; Harlan-Wallins Coal Corp.

Splint, Splint Coal Co.

Wallins, Boone Wheeler Coal Co.; Kentucky King Coal Co.

White Star, Riverside Coal Mining Co.

Source: 20,000 Coal Company Stores, by Gordon Dodrill.

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